Polyodonspathala is one member of the sturgeon family and its mouth looks like that of the duck. Due to its smooth and scale-free whole body and as the only one filter feeding sturgeon, it is unique in the sturgeon family.

In 2001, as the exclusive agency of the place of origin, the Company introduced the polyodonspathala zygotes from the only qualified breeding farm Osage Catfisheries, Inc. in the USA to Taiwan for hatching and breeding.


As the baby polyodonspathala is very sensitive to the breeding environment, the requirement on breeding technologies is very high and the loss rate also is very high. To produce caviar, it needs at least 4 years to produce mature spawns. At present, the yield cannot meet the demand of the restaurants on the scenic spots, so consumers cannot see polyodonspathala in the market.

Polyodonspathala has fine, fresh and tender meat and the whole body is scale-free and bone-free; moreover, it has high nutriment value and contains rich collagen; without doubt, it is an excellent food among few of the same for face care and beauty. The caviar made of the spawns of polyodonspathala, the same as those produced with the spawns of the other members of the sturgeon family, has special taste and rich nutriment ingredients and thus is honored as black gold; the people in Europe and America regard it as the great gift from the God and it is the rare product for dinner, banquet and as gift. (There is one saying that, caviar is the power and firmness of nature; one spoon a day can make people exciting. Why not to have a try?)

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